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aLOKSAK Applications

  • Weapon and munitions storage
  • Protect medical supplies from desert sand, humidity, and water
  • Place an iodine pill in the aLOKSAK for use as an emergency water container
  • Store precious metals/ silver will not tarnish/ tools will not rust
  • Travel with liquids in aLOKSAK to prevent leakage
  • Full use of all touch screen electronics. We carry bags sizes for all smartphones, iPhone, iPad, tablets, E-readers, etc
  • Wet wipes stay wet
  • Cigar and Tobacco Humidors
  • Blow up for a pillow in the field
  • Use as an ice pack
  • aLOKSAK Bag + Water + Detergent and you have a portable clothes washer
  • Store food in our aLOKSAK bags so the melting ice does no food damage
  • Put an end to moldy, smelling clothing in your watercraft
  • Store Life Preservers…Keep humidity sensitive CO2 cartridges free from opening at the wrong time and in the wrong place!
  • Store liquids and toiletries, especially when traveling
  • Stored documents remain safe and ageless
  • Store leftover crackers and chips to prevent them from becoming stale
  • No freezer burn
  • Store photos, newspaper clippings, and collectables
OPSAK “Barrier Bag” Applications
  • OPSAK uses the same hermetic seal as our aLOKSAK while preventing odors and vapors from escaping
  • Prevent hungry critters from ravaging even durable and expensive backpacks to get to your food
  • Pack out body waste
  • Anaerobic chambers
  • Food and toiletries act as a lure and should never be detected at a camp site
  • OPSAK can be used for the same applications as the aLOKSAK